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What is Bikeability?

About the Bikeability levels.

Bikeability training is split into three levels. Young people will be encouraged and inspired to achieve all three levels, recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike.

Level 1

Level 1 training is held in traffic-free areas for the first two hour session of the course. This teaches bike control skills in preparation for cycling on the road.

We will assess the pupils cycling ability, and if they are competent they will advance to Level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 training is held on quiet roads local to the school which have been risk assessed by our instructors. Pupils will learn how to make a trip safely on quiet roads, including road positioning, passing parked cars, left and right turns into both major and minor roads. Pupils are given plenty of opportunity to practice these skills themselves.

Level 3


By completing Level 3 pupils will be able demonstrate the skills and understanding to be able to make a trip safely to school, work or leisure on busy roads and using complex junctions and road features. Level 3 training usually takes place at secondary school.

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