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Adult cycle training

In partnership with CityConnect, free adult cycle training is back for 2021 and available across West Yorkshire. From learning to ride for the first time to 1:1 advanced training, there's something for everyone.

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Adult Training


Cycle North are excited to be leading a consortium of local cycling activity providers who will be running loads of sessions, at all levels, all over West Yorkshire.


We will be taking our first tentative pedals in quiet parks, zooming along cycle paths and greenways, and tackling city traffic in Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield.


There are sessions where you can learn to ride from scratch, get your confidence up in safe flat areas away from traffic, and then progress to public roads. We also have 1:1 sessions where you can get the skills to cope with city traffic and make the most of your commute or fitness rides.


If this sounds good, but your bike is in poor shape, we can help with that too with beginners and intermediate level bike maintenance classes, and it's all free!

See our FAQs for more info.


Free adult cycle training sessions are now available to book. 


Free beginners sessions for adults 16+.

Bradford, Kirklees & Calderdale

Free sessions available throughout West Yorkshire.

We are adding new sessions all the time please check back if the sessions you'd like aren't available; or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest information

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I don’t have a bike, can I still come to a session?

Bikes are provided at all Learn to ride and Beginner sessions. You may need to bring your own bike to Improver level sessions so please check the session details on the booking page.


I have never ridden a bike before, is there a session suitable for me?

Yes! Come to our Learn to Ride & Beginner session and our friendly and experienced instructors will help you get riding in no time.

Do I need a helmet?

Helmets are provided at all Learn to ride and Beginner sessions, and wearing one whilst you are new to cycling may protect your head in the event of a fall. They are recommended, but not compulsory. Please bring your own helmet to Improver level sessions, if you want to wear one.

Will the sessions run if it is raining?

They will! Cycling doesn’t stop in the rain and our instructors will ensure the sessions are still enjoyable and productive despite the weather.


How many sessions can I come to?

For levels 1 and 2, you may attend a session a maximum of four times for each level. The Advanced one to one session is a single two-hour session only. We aim to help you progress your way through the three levels and enable you to cycle independently by the end of the training!

What if I miss a session, will I lose the progress I have made?

It’s not a problem if you miss any sessions. If you come to a session after a period away our instructors will help you carry on where you left off.

I booked the training, but I can no longer attend the session.

Please cancel your booking through Eventbrite. We hope you can join us again soon!

Where can I buy a bike from?

Check out Leeds Bike Mill and The Bikes College for a selection of used bikes, and Woodrup Cycles for a range of new bikes. Also, check out our Cycle Map to see other organisations who you help you find the right bike for you.


Is there training for children too?

Yes. Please see our webpage Cycle North – Children for information about cycle training for children.

I have a bike, but it needs fixing, can you help?

We can’t fix your bike for you, but we may be able to teach you how to fix it yourself! With Leeds Bike Mill we offer basic and intermediate bike maintenance sessions. For more details and how to book, see our Eventbrite page. If a more serious repair is required, check out our Cycle Map for organisations that could get your bike back to it’s best.

I feel confident riding on the roads and would like to meet other people or groups to cycle with. Are there any groups I can join?

Yes! Find local cycle groups in your area with Cycling UK and continue your cycling journey with new friends!

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